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visualshockx's Journal

DBSK Fanworks

Visual ♥ Shock
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A community to show and sell fanmade things by DBSK fans. Fanart,Clothing, and other works.

Visual ♥ Shock is a community for fans of the Korean vocal and dance group DBSK to not only showcase but sell items and art they have made.

All merchandise is fanmade and is by no means affiliated with SM or Avex Entertainment. There is no mean in any way to infringe on or break any copyright agreements. Visual ♥ Shock is not responsible for products posted by members nor the transactions between members. By participating in sales and trades in this community, you assume full responsibility for your actions and any risk in making transactions, which you are fully made aware of. Buy and sell at your own risk. Obey both federal and community rules.

♥1. Visual Shock is not responsible for the transactions between members.
♥2. If displaying works not created by you, please credit properly. Those found taking credit for others work will be banned
Selling fakes/replicas/counterfeits/non-legit/etc items is strictly against the rules. That means anything made to resemble official merchandise, logos, concert goods, etc.
♥4. If there are any flaws in your items, please let the buyer know before accepting money.
♥5. If you are selling, have your own set of rules in you selling post. Make sure that these rules do not conflict with the rules set up by Visual ♥ Shock.
♥6. Do not display your private information publicly. When you are sure that you will be making a transaction, rely on private messaging between the seller and/or buyer.
♥7. You are allowed to change your mind about a transaction before confirmation or payment but once you finalize a transaction you must go through with it if there aren't extreme extenuating circumstances. If you have received money you have a duty to send the item. Violators of this rule will be banned.
Upon stating that you are not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged mail/packages, to allow that to be believable, you will provide strong evidences on your actions such as receipt or tracking numbers.
♥9. Stock photos (ie. photos taken from other sites) cannot be used when selling items unless you are showing designs. Remember, you buys items at your own risk.
Confirmation is when personal information such as addresses is exchanged. When this is done, both the buyer and seller are confirming to a transaction.
♥11. You cannot sell burned/pirated CD/DVD/disc/tapes, designer or official merchandise 'inspired' items, print out or scans of official pictures, products that are illegal in other countries.